EP 09 - Ugo Weyl - CEO at Koala - I Was Dating a Girl From Brazil

Ugo Weyl joined The Wolfcast to share the story of his unique entrepreneurial journey and the founding, building, and funding of Koala Insurance.  I really enjoyed talking with Ugo.  He was very transparent, straightforward, and generous.

Some of the topics that Ugo discussed included:

  • His first business (Oui Reward) was to resolve flight delays and/or cancellations based on a European regulation that required airlines to pay cash compensation
  • He went through the entire claims process because his girlfriend at the time (see the title of this episode) had her flight delayed by a day and was owed compensation
  • He and one of his university friends decided they could build tech to solve this problem
  • Oui Reward shut down 1 year after being founded to start his current company, Koala
  • Koala only builds products that can be fully automated
  • Koala’s first underwriting partners were Wakam and Seyna
  • Was sure Koala’s first product could be built in two weeks, but it took 6 months
  • This product for flight cancellation protection was meant to be launched just as COVID was hitting…decided not to launch
  • Started fund-raising in the midst of the pandemic
  • The impact of participating in TechStars Paris at the end of 2019
  • The great team and support from InsurTech Gateway

Other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. I Just Knew I Did Not Want to Do That
  2. It Is 100% Parametric
  3. Why Are You Calling Me To Pitch Travel Insurance?

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