Tesco Hacked, Resulting in a Two-day Outage Affecting 1000s

The news site Manchester Evening News reports that the ubiquitous supermarket Tesco experienced a two-day IT outage across the UK on Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of October. The disruption left thousands of British shoppers unable to access website or app services to amend their grocery orders. Tesco bosses have since revealed that the disruption was not accidental: it was the result of a malicious hacking attempt. However, spokesmen shared that there was “no reason” to believe that customer data was at risk. 

Tesco was communicative throughout the outage, responding to agitated customers to apologize for inconveniences and reassure them that the IT team were working hard to revive their systems. However, by the sound of their frustrated Tweets, many shoppers still received unwanted orders. For example, one exasperated customer complained on Twitter: “I have just had 4 boxes of Pepsi max delivered and no other food as your website has been down for 24 hours and I wasn’t able to edit my basket!!”

Read the article Tesco confirms ‘hackers’ to blame after website and app outage leaves 1,000s without service at Manchester Evening News

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