EP 12 - Oliver Lane - Head of Deal Flow at InsurTech Gateway - Market, Team and Product

Oliver Lane, the Head of Deal Flow at InsurTech Gateway, and I had such a great conversation.  InsurTech Gateway is the only investor with its own FCA-authorised Incubator + Venture Capital Fund. The fastest place to build and launch an InsurTech idea.

Some of the topics that Oliver and I discussed:

  • The beginning of his career in investment banking
  • The sheer volume and diverse InsurTech companies
  • InsurTech’s need for capacity and underwriting risk partners
  • InsurTech Gateway’s backing by global reinsurers
  • How InsurTech Gateway’s relationships with carriers help startups grow
  • Gateway’s FCA approval and its umbrella structure that allows InsurTech’s to launch in two weeks
  • The difference between the InsurTech markets in the United States and Europe
  • Parametric insurance
  • The components of a great founder
  • The opportunity of blockchain solutions for insurance
  • CoinCover
  • AspenCoin

Some other titles we considered:

  1. The Fastest Place to Launch an InsurTech Idea
  2. We Act Almost As a Sandbox
  3. People Have Started to Take Note
  4. Trying to Push Froward One of the World’s Largest Financial Ecosystems
  5. We See Dots Not Lines

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