You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet...

I don’t generally like predictions…and I do not make them.

However, eMarketer is not opposed to making its own predictions and I can not say that I particularly disagree with this one. According to an article by Gadjo Sevilla, he predicts that in 2022, “Internet and network outages will continue to get worse before they get better.”

The continued global pivot to hybrid and remote work and school has placed unprecedented demands on the internet, particularly on home networks that suddenly have to handle multiple streaming video feeds for Zoom calls, compounded by more users and their devices constantly online.

But this is not just his opinion…the FCC chimed in as well…

“We just don’t know how the infrastructure will fare,” Tom Wheeler, a former chairman of the FCC, told The New York Times. “What is sufficient bandwidth for a couple of home computers for a husband and wife may not be sufficient when you add students who are going to class all day long operating from home.”

Urs Gubser posited in Episode 06 of The Wolfcast that as systems get more connected and technological innovation accelerates, these systems become harder to manage and are more prone to outages. This article agrees.

Simply adding servers and towers to handle more traffic and users seems to be causing even more complex problems to the infrastructure. Recent outages have also been taking longer to resolve, indicating that massive growth is quickly becoming unmanageable. 

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Indeed

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