EP 17 - Peter Clarke - Founder of InsurerCore - Everything You Could Possibly Think of Is Insured

The Wolfcast had the pleasure of talking to Peter Clarke, the Founder and Managing Director of InsurerCore.  InsurerCore helps insurance professionals identify new contacts, find current connections in the market, and stay up-to-date with industry information. 

Some of the topics that Peter covered included:

  • Coming from a traditional insurance family
  • Working at his father’s MGA during the summers as the Chief Scanning Officer
  • Early examples of digital implementations in the insurance space
  • How MGAs are different
  • Implementing technology is good, getting people to use it is better
  • The significance of the ‘London Market
  • Noticing inefficiencies and his journey into entrepreneurship
  • Democratizing access to the ‘London Market’
  • Dave, Dan and, Don
  • Minecraft and collaborating online
  • Building partnerships and getting the first groups onto InsurerCore
  • The Bible of Insurance
  • Building APIs to connect to pricing platforms
  • The impact of COVID on InsurerCore’s growth

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