EP 18 - Dr. Hayley Maynard and George Beattie - co-Chairs of Lloyd's Product Launchpad - We’re Not Wizards, We’re Scientists

I knew when we were preparing that this episode was going to be great…and the recording did not let us down.  When one is lucky enough to have Dr. Hayley Maynard, Strategy at Chaucer Syndicates,  and George Beattie, the Head of Incubation Underwriting at Beazley & Co. together on a show, the only result could be magic…even if they are decidedly not wizards.

There was so much ground to cover, that we went as far back as The Code of Hammurabi.

Some of the other topics we covered:

  • The foundation and the Legend of Lloyd’s
  • Insurance subscription
  • The caliber of the underwriters in the Lloyd’s Market
  • The rollout of Lloyd’s Product Launchpad
  • Conference-level chat that never really changes
  • Risk transfer versus risk management
  • Gaia - a new way to pay for IVF
  • Spending time solving problems that don’t really matter
  • Building products with your customers
  • The buyer urgency created by specific problems
  • Innovation and controlled experiments
  • Connecting the Launchpad to the Lab
  • A shout-out to Tom Hoad - OIF

Some of the other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. It Started Out as a Coffee Shop
  2. Coming Up With Solutions for Complex Risk
  3. It’s a Very Positive but Properly Cynical Environment
  4. We Triage Quickly
  5. George Brings the Brains, I Bring the Jokes
  6. This Is a Voluntary Democracy
  7. Innovation Isn’t Just About Products

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