EP 19 - Adi Kaimowitz - Group CEO at Virtual Actuary - You Might as Well Start With the Client

We were very excited to be joined by Adi Kaimowitz, the Group CEO of Virtual Actuary, a firm of highly experienced actuaries ready to work alongside your existing team. Virtual Actuaries combine statistical, mathematical, and financial techniques within a business framework, utilising technology platforms and advanced analytics to deliver the most pre-emptive, precise, and practical solutions.

Some of the topics Adi and I covered:

  • Being born and raised in South Africa and not seeing much more of the continent
  • How he spent his 20s trying to prove himself
  • Hustling has become part of his DNA
  • How he built a recruiting business for actuaries
  • Starting and building Virtual Actuary
  • Finding out what startup incubators were all about
  • Why ‘connected consortiums’ are the future of most industries (Are these DAOs?)
  • How the disruption is in the business model itself
  • How Virtual Actuary plugged into the global village
  • The most important thing is to just “Do”

Other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. I Wasn’t Born With a Trust Fund
  2. Now I Own the Building
  3. If You Are Going to Give Us Money, What Would You Want Us to Do?
  4. Where’s Your Exponential Technology?
  5. It Was Always Part of the Plan
  6. We’re Talking about a More Immersive Experience
  7. You Can Be Connected from Anywhere
  8. Now Anybody Can Participate Digitally In Any Business
  9. The Mega-Gig Economy
  10. If You’re Not Doing, You’re Doing Too Much Thinking

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