EP 20 - Ines Cheaib - COO at Gaia - A Financial Pathway to Parenthood

The Wolfcast was fascinated talking to Ines Cheaib, the COO at Gaia.  Gaia is a new way to pay for IVF…“Monthly if you have a baby. A fraction of the cost if you don’t.”  We initially heard about Gaia from Dr. Hayley Maynard and George Beattie, the co-Chairs of Llyod’s Product Launchpad.  We only heard a little at first, but we knew we wanted to learn more…

Some of the things Ines covered:

  • Born and raised in France
  • Studying engineering at school while developing a good idea about tech
  • Delving into e-commerce and venture capital before moving into more operational roles
  • Feeling at home as a business operator, but comfortable switching disciplines
  • The challenges of building a company from scratch
  • The Gaia origin story and Nader AlSalim’s personal experience
  • Using data to minimize risk in the fertility space
  • Being a wild-card in the Lloyd’s Product Launchpad
  • The complexities around building an insurance product
  • Considering the members’ physical, financial, and emotional needs
  • Normalizing the conversation around infertility and conception
  • How most people only look for a way to conceive when they actually decide to have a baby
  • The expected joy of the first few pregnancies of Gaia’s members

Other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. Everybody Wants a Family
  2. Preventing the Car Crash Before It Happens
  3. Bringing Complex Statistics to the Layman
  4. Facing the Uncertainty of Conception
  5. Solving a Bigger Problem

The audio on this episode was expertly produced by Isabelle Goh.

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