EP 06 - Urs Gubser - Entrepreneur and Futurist - What If We Run Out of Floppy Disks?

The Wolfcast was joined by Urs Gubser, an entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, and futurist based in Zurich, Switzerland. Urs is a self-described ‘classic nerd’ who started programming when he was 12 years old.  He and I had crossed paths for almost 20 years before finally meeting each other through our work in the startup world.

Some of the topics that Urs and I discussed included:

  • His work at UBS on the Next Step platform and meeting Steve Jobs
  • The consumerization of technology and the resulting Digital Divide
  • The accelerating complexity of technology and software and its implications
  • The benefits and drawbacks of automation
  • Internet outages and system dependencies
  • Our shared experiences of working at global investment banks

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