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What affects Internet Outages?

Power outage

After a natural disaster power outages are most likely causing also an outage on the Internet. This is one of the most likely events.

Human error

Misconfiguration on servers or similar small human errors are likely to trigger a butterfly effect.

Cable damage

Disruptions of submarine communications cables may cause blackouts or slowdowns to large areas.

Cyber attack

Large-scale DDoS cyber attacks can lead to slowdowns or even complete outages.


Governments install kills switches for their countries to turn off the Internet in case of political turbulences.

BGP Routing problems

Routing problems in the core can cause overloads on certain paths impacting other areas.

What is the impact on my business?

Time is Money

Even one hour Internet outage at high-peak sales periods can cause significant profit losses to your business.

The demand-side

If you operate in multiple regions also your clients on the other side might not be able to reach you.

Slow Internet

The Internet doesn't need to be completely offline to cause less traffic to your store.

Total loss scenario

In case your business concentrates the sales around few weeks you are exposed to a total loss scenario.

Do you want to know if you are affected?

Our team of experts estimates your risk exposure of a hypothetical internet disruption of your locations and critical business hours.

Riskwolf will protect digital businesses from losses due to unexpected Internet outages together with distribution partners and risk carrier(s). In case of an outage event happening, policy buyers are automatically reimbursed with a predefined payout. The trigger is embedded in the policy and activated right at the start of the outage.