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Parametric products are a completely new way to create and sell high impact insurance policies. They’re highly customizable, fully transparent, and built using reliable data and code.

We’ve created a platform to automate the process from ideation to incubation to market, so that a wide range of products can be structured, priced and operated without the need for specialists and expensive multi-year IT projects. Parametric insurance products can be configured in just a few clicks and launched on a click of a button. Super Simple. Reliable. Fast.

We’ve been recognized as one of the 100 Most Innovative InsurTechs in the World by FinTech Global.

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No matter what happens in the world - whether it’s an extreme weather event, an IT outage or a cloud downtime - with Riskwolf, you can quickly build and operate simple and reliable coverage for any situation.


Riskwolf makes product innovation as easy as one click — create a coverage and simulate real-time events in minutes. With our parametric model running on a cloud infrastructure, your insurance solution is fully automated and future-proofed.


Riskwolf’s embedded model enables you to distribute coverage through open APIs to digital partners and aggregators. To the right audience at the right time.


Riskwolf supports you to operate the new frontiers. Our parametric model doesn’t just mean that your coverage is automated — it means that we’re your risk management partner for all of your risks in the Internet economy for years to come.

If You Can Measure It. You Can Insure It.

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Insurance Templates

Why is it relevant?

Cloud computing has quickly established itself as critical to the modern digital age as physical infrastructure like roads, bridges, and trains has in the past. But with the reliance on the cloud, the vulnerability towards an cloud outage becomes mission critical.

Why is it relevant?

Severe weather and other disruptions can cause usually reliable Telecom networks to lose some or 100% connectivity. This leads to frustrated customers with loss of work and leisure activities. These disruptions can be unpredictable and frequent which leads to reputational as well as customer loss.

Why is it relevant?

Food delivery drivers suffer substantial income losses during the monsoon season, especially when cyclones make landfall. Given that most families depend on daily wages, this can threaten the entire family’s livelihood for days. A “quick relief”, emergency payment can immediately be administered through the delivery platforms to help drivers get through this situation.

Why is it relevant?

In agriculturally dependent economies, crop yields directly impact farm incomes and are diminished by natural disasters such as flooding, pests, drought etc. These type of events result in the farmers defaulting on loan payments, and can be pushed into a vicious cycle of poverty and debts.

Why is it relevant?

With the surging demand for petrol based products, the prices for gasoline have in 2022 raised around the globe, often threatening the most vulnerable and underserved parts of society. With a fuelINSURE policy, insurers provide commuters protection against unforeseen and steep rises in the price of gasoline.

Why is it relevant?

Total property loss due to natural disasters such as floods, storms, landslides etc. lead to an unsecured position for mortgages extended to individuals. This product covers the whole mortgage in case of an event where it allows the bank to foreclose the mortgage account on behalf of the customer.

Why is it relevant?

Severe weather can disrupt daily business and hence income for SMEs. Income disruption can further hurt the cash flow situation and hence impact the loan interest they owe to their banks. Any late or non payment can lead to penalties or lapse of other insurance products.

Why is it relevant?

Solar panels need sufficient sun irradiation to generate electricity. Climate change leads to unexpected volatility that impacts solar electricity production. Shortfalls lead to loss of revenue, reduced loan amounts and higher interest rates.

Why is it relevant?

In order to achieve Net Zero goals, corporates issue ambitious compensation goals (promises) in timeframes of 10, 15 and 25 years. These only can be achieved in projects and measures that reduce greenhouse gases such as CO2 in the promised timeframes. However, not all projects deliver the promised C02 reductions. This endangers the Net Zero goals.

Why is it relevant?

Frequency and severity of extreme weather events are growing every year. These events lead to delays of construction projects, and any of these non-physical losses are not covered in traditional Builders risks policies.

Leadership Team With 80+ Years Experience

Riskwolf’s team combines deep reinsurance industry experience with strong technical skills in large-scale data processing. Our team has 80+ years experience in leading re-/insurance companies and financial services in Europe and Asia.




Co-Founder & CEO

Two decades of re-/insurance business development experience. Has held senior roles globally, including in New York, London, Paris, Munich and Zurich. Helped build 3 startups and electronic re/-insurance initiatives such as Rueschlikon, ACORD, eBOT, and eCOT.




Co-Founder & CTO

12 years of business and technology consulting. 8 years of experience in large-scale data processing projects. Bridging the gap between tech, data and processes, with the last 5 years in the re-insurance industry. Experience working in Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt and Bratislava and founded two other companies.




Platform Lead

13 Years in technology where he worked as Data Engineer and Head of Engineering for multiple startups in London and Bratislava delivering mass-data solutions for the telco and financial services sectors. Experience architecting and developing big data solutions with a focus on stream processing, scalability and high availability.




Asia Market Lead

22 years of experience in building and running companies. A technocrat with a deep understanding and expertise to conceptualize and grow businesses. Has lived and worked in US, Middle East, India and various countries in Asia. Founder of several startups along with solid corporate background at AT&T, Lucent Technologies, NAVTEQ and NOKIA.

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