We’re facing a seismic shift towards digitalization

Sesmic shift

Globally, we are in the midst of a seismic shift. The way we work, commute, travel, and consume is transforming before our eyes. The driver for these changes is the ongoing digitization of every aspect of our lives.

Consumers, businesses, processes, devices, and data are becoming more interconnected. New values are generated through connections and not anymore through assets.

As a result of this transformation, new, uninsured risks are emerging:

Network, Service, and Internet outages and degradations can wreak havoc and cause significant business interruptions impacting both revenues and reputations.

Currently, only a fraction of these new risks is insurable leading to a significant protection gap and a large and yet untapped opportunity for the insurance industry.

Full-Stack InsurTech Platform for Connectivity Risks

Platform Detail

Launch Parametric Insurance for Downtimes and Outages

Riskwolf built the platform and technology to understand and analyze these risks and enables insurers to close the protection gap. Riskwolf allows insurers to quantify and confirm connectivity outages. Working closely with our cutting-edge, real-time data providers, we know the location, timing, and duration of these events. Riskwolf’s insights give insurers the capability to create and operate innovative protection products.


Shorter product innovation cycles - idea-to-market within weeks


Top-line growth due to the coverage of emerging digital risks


Policy administration on our fully automat

Let’s tap into the new risk pools of the digital economy!

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Use Cases for Digital Business Interruption


Digital Business Interruption for Delivery Partners

Riskwolf is also creating a multiple-peril product to protect food delivery drivers in India. This product covers Internet connectivity outages, lost revenue due to weather conditions, and service cancellations.


Digital Business Interruption for e-Commerce

Riskwolf collaborates on a channel and end-point protection for e-Commerce in Vietnam. These policies allow us to provide coverage for both supply-side and demand-side outages.

In the digital economy many things can go wrong!

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Leadership Team with 70+ Years Experience

Riskwolf’s team combines deep reinsurance industry experience with strong technical skills in large-scale data processing. Our team has 70+ years experience in leading re-/insurance companies and financial services in Europe and Asia.

Team Members



Co-Founder & CTO

12 years of business and technology consulting. 8 years of experience in large-scale data processing projects. Bridging the gap between tech, data and processes, with the last 5 years in the re-insurance industry. Experience working in Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt and Bratislava and founded two other companies.



Platform Lead

13 Years in technology where he worked as Data Engineer and Head of Engineering for multiple startups in London and Bratislava delivering mass-data solutions for the telco and financial services sectors. Experience architecting and developing big data solutions with a focus on stream processing, scalability and high availability.



Big Data Architect

Milos has 25 years of experience in the technology field, focused on distributed systems, data processing and management (Apache Hadoop and Kafka) and develops real-time streaming solutions for telcos and financial services companies. He is also the founder of trivia data in Bratislava.



Co-Founder & CTO

Two decades of re-/insurance business development experience. Has held senior roles globally, including in New York, London, Paris, Munich and Zurich. Helped build 3 startups and electronic re/-insurance initiatives such as Rueschlikon, ACORD, eBOT, and eCOT.

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