EP 08 - Jordi Montserrat - co-Founder and Managing Partner at VentureLab - It's Not Just a Few, It's a Lot

The Wolfcast welcomed Jordi Montserrat, a co-Founder and Managing Partner at VentureLab.  Founded in 2004, VentureLab designs and operates flagship startup programs in Switzerland such as Venture Kick, Venture Leaders, TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award, and Innosuisse Start-up Training to support the best entrepreneurial talents.

Some of the topics that Jordi discussed:

  • In comparison to when VentureLab was founded, almost all developed countries are committed to investing in innovation and startups
  • VentureLab is not a hub of crypto per se but is definitely investing in this sector in places where it can add value
  • Innovation in eCommerce will continue in payments, security, and supply chain integration
  • B2B startups in Switzerland are extremely strong
  •  ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and its importance both personally and professionally
  • The platform economy in Europe and regional differences
  • Data regulations across borders and how it impacts platform economies
  • Emerging digital risks and leaving your proverbial front door open
  • Security, blockchain, and cryptocurrency
  • Diginex Solutions and Merkle Science

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