Co-op Bank Offline for Two Hours

The news site The Sun reports that the Co-op Bank experienced an outage on Monday the 20th of September from 8.36am to 10.43am, which disrupted both its website and app services. Over 100 users in London, Cardiff and Manchester as well as other locations across the UK reported issues in particular around mobile login and online banking services. 

The bank, which has over 613,000 current account holders across the UK, has experienced several comparable outages within this last year: once just this month on the 6th of September, once on the 20th of August, and once on July 30th. They are far from the only bank that has experienced such issues, however – on September 15th, TSB’s internet banking app went offline, inconveniencing hundreds of users, and on Sunday, HSBC also experienced a similar outage which left clients unable to pay their bills.  

Read the article Co-op Bank down: outage left customers unable to use app or online banking at The Sun

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