Emergency Podcast - Rene Papesch - CTO at Riskwolf - Somebody Literally Removed Facebook from the Internet

Rene Papesch, CTO at Riskwolf popped back on the pod to address another unanticipated event that rocked the entire internet.  Somebody accidentally (?) messed up Facebook’s Border Gateway Protocol settings and all of the company’s properties vanished from the internet.

Nobody is better than Rene at explaining these scenarios.  He discussed:

  • BGP is a standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems
  • Because of the BGP config error, even internal tools could not work…so someone likely had to physically go to the data center(s) and remedy this
  • Due to this network problem, some employees could not even enter the FB offices
  • The implication of Facebook’s ads not running and the resulting loss in sales as well as reputational risk
  • What is the recourse for those impacted?
  • The second and third-order effects may have seemed like DDOS attacks on the rest of the internet
  • ISPs, Telcos and other services were overloaded and overwhelmed leading to widespread system time outs
  • Reach out to Riskwolf if you are interested in parametric insurance for internet outages

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