EP 13 - Natalie Hall of Merkel Science and Ed Gaze of Lloyd's Lab - Bringing Together Technology and Human Insight

It is not often one gets to record with the Head of Lloyd’s Lab and a premier blockchain startup that is going through the Lab’s program, but that is exactly what we did on this episode of The Wolfcast.  We were graced with the presence of Natalie Hall, the Director of Marketing, EMEA, and APAC at Merkle Science and Ed Gaze, the Head of Lloyd’s Lab.  Suffice it to say that the discussion was active and fascinating.

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • Ed’s original visit to the Lloyd’s Building
  • What Lloyd’s Lab is and what it strives to accomplish
  • L Marks collaboration with Lloyd’s Lab
  • The impetus for introducing blockchain companies into Lloyd’s Lab now
  • The use of smart contracts to facilitate syndication
  • How productive it has been for Merkle Science to be in the program
  • The anatomy of crypto risk
  • KYBB - Know Your Blockchain Business
  • Some innovative ways to incorporate Merkle’s blockchain expertise into the insurance value chain

Other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. Ultimately, This Comes Down to Building Relationships
  2. Insurance Just Covers So Many Things
  3. Driven By What the Market Wants
  4. More Accessible, More Transparent and Fair Financial System
  5. Getting that Supercharged Insight Has Been So Helpful
  6. It Should Come With a Cape
  7. What Does ‘Good’ look Like?

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