EP 15 - Rahul Makhija - co-Founder & CTO of Esto Internet - Will You Teach Me Internet?

The Wolfcast had the pleasure of speaking with Rahul Makhija, a co-Founder (with his brother!) and the CTO of Esto Internet, one of the premier ISPs in India.

Some of the topics Rahul and I discussed:

  • Did 2020 really happen?
  • His family was from Panipat
  • The challenges of operating and growing an ISP during COVID
  • The increase in internet usage due to the pandemic
  • Got his first job because he wanted a smartphone
  • How he was one of those kids that took apart all of the electronics in his house
  • Self-taught web application and network engineer
  • The non-triviality of networking computers
  • Learning and implementing that learning
  • Starting Esto with fixed wireless internet and the progression of machinery
  • Licensing and regulations surrounding ISPs in India
  • Service outages and how they get handled
  • BBNL and wiring the villages

Some of the other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. You Can Buy It When You Start Earning for Yourself
  2. I Am Going to Work Today
  3. If You Are Not Doing, You Are Dying

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