At Least Fortnite Was Not Down for a Fortnight

The gamers in the attached photo look super happy…which means they must not have been trying to play Epic Games’ Fortnite for the past few days. This is NOT a good look for Epic, particularly as they are in the middle of their own epic (I had to!) battle with Apple over its App Store Policies. This plays right into Apple’s hands.

According to The Verge’s Richard Lawler:

“You do not have permission to play Fortnite.” The company started investigating the issue at around 11AM ET, before the servers went offline entirely a couple of hours later.

This was the message that gamers were getting when they tried to login to play…OUCH! Don’t have permission?


When the servers initially went down, the Epic Games launcher wouldn’t even start Fortnite, showing the servers were offline, but later it would try to launch the game. Unfortunately, after launching, as many players have reported and we experienced in a test, it simply placed you in a queue for ten minutes or so and then failed to connect. Now, as of 6:45PM ET, launching the game takes players right in to the action.

Around the same time the issue started, the Epic Games Store was also having problems, where some players said they couldn’t log in or even access their games for offline play. Now at least the Epic Games desktop launcher is working so you can still play other games on your PC.

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