Quality Assurance Expert (part-time)

With Riskwolf, you can turn real-time data into insurance. Using unique real-time data and dynamic risk modelling, we enable insurers to build and operate parametric insurance at scale.

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Part-time: 15 hrs / week.

Join our InsurTech team as a quality assurance expert (part-time) and create high-quality solutions for the next generation of insurance. You will ensure the quality of software development processes by testing and reviewing new implemented features and bugs using Azure DevOps. This hands-on role requires expertise in QA methodologies, backend testing, and experience in Azure DevOps to streamline project workflows.

Your tasks & Daily responsibilities

Software Quality Control:

  • Review, draft and rollout basic QA processes for the team, including peer-review, unit testing, integration, and acceptance tests.
  • Perform regular test executions to maintain the quality and integrity of the system.
  • Execution of backend tests to ensure the reliability and functionality of the InsurTech platform, with a key focus on end-to-end data processes (e.g. using SOAP UI, Postman, File-based)
  • Conduct manual testing of FinTech/InsurTech Backend systems and suggest improvements, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Collaborate with developers to implement automated tests and additional quality controls in applications such as recon processes
  • Track and report software quality over time

Azure DevOps Management:

  • Lead bi-weekly planning sessions to prioritize tasks and set objectives for efficient project execution.
  • Organize and manage tasks, tests, and bugs efficiently in Azure DevOps.
  • Ensure the team adheres to the “Getting Things Done” methodology for streamlined task execution.
  • Utilize Slack for follow-ups on open tasks with team members.
  • Take a proactive approach to extend, add, or remove ceremonies as needed, keeping the process lightweight and effective

Our offering

  • Growth and development potential raising employees market value. Learn from highly-skilled, productive and motivated people
  • Attractive working environment allowing to combine creativity, self-management with a getting-it-done attitude
  • Significant empowerment and flexibility in terms of working hours and time off
  • Be part of a fast-growing, innovative, early stage InsurTech and participate in the upside
  • Fair and equal location-adjusted team salary. Global hiring possible with service contract
  • Regular team events in different locations

Your personality

  • Proactively take opportunities, is highly motivated and address problems
  • Be a manager of one - Able to work remote-first
  • Very well organized and persistent personality
  • Hands-on and no fear of new technics and tools
  • See the glass half-full not half-empty
  • Be able to communicate complex facts in a simple to understand language (in fluent English)
  • Self-motivated by complex challenges and out-of-the-box solutions

Your technical skills and experiences

  • Worked in an cloud-native environment with data intensive backend applications and data flows with storage solutions (e.g. S3), databases (e.g. Postgres) and message broker systems (e.g. Apache Kafka) (3 years)
  • Expierenced with backend testing tools for backend (such as SOAP UI, Postman and others) and frontend (manual)
  • Expierenced with test automation (such as Pact.io)
  • Proficiency in using Git for version control
  • Bonus-point 1: Experience with React for frontend testing
  • Bonus-point 2: Worked for a FinTech. Basic understanding of the insurance domain (>1 years)
  • Bonus-point 3: Tooling Azure DevOps

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